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Standard 18mm Stretcher Bars - 38"

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Product Description

Our Standard Stretcher Bars are 18mm deep by 40mm wide, they slot together easily having a male and female joint on each end of the stretcher bar.

There is no need to glue or screw them just slot them together stretch your canvas print, tap your wedges in which are supplied with the box of stretcher bars and you have a finished stretched canvas print.

We sell them in 2" increments from 6" to 60" all the sizes are interchangeable so you could make a 6" x 60" or 40" x 30" or any size you wish.

They come in boxes of 50 and include 50 plastic wedges so if you bought 2 boxes of different size bars for example a box of 12" and a box of 16" you would have enough stretcher bars to make 25 frames 12" x 16".