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Profiling Service


At Canvas & Stretcher Bars, we understand that getting a great result from your inkjet printer can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Colour management can be especially trying but with the right ICC profile, a basic requirement of good colour management, your images can stand out from the crowd.

So, together with Reiver Media, we have taken away some of the difficulty and created a generic colour profile, available to download and install free of charge, for each of our media types.

However, the best way to get the most accurate colour from your printer and chosen media is to get a custom profile built to your specification; a service we are now able to provide for free when you purchase a Reiver Media product.

Don’t worry if you haven’t purchased your media from us, we can still create a custom profile for you for a small fee that will make sure your printer and media work to your personal or business requirements.

To get the most out of your printer and media simply enquire about our custom profiling service. We will then send you a test chart for you to print using your printer, without any colour management, onto your chosen media and get you to send it to us. Once we receive the printed test chart we can then create your custom ICC profile, ensuring you get the best possible colour reproduction.

Forward all enquiries to: info@canvasandstretcherbars.co.uk