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UK Pine 38mm Gallery Stretcher Bars - Pairs

UK pine 38mm Gallery stretcher bars are 38mm deep & 35mm wide & are available in pairs or boxes of 30 individual bars, in lengths from 6" to 40" and in packs of 24 from 42" and above, in increments of 2". Manufactured in the UK, these bars are finger-jointed & knotless to ensure they are strong & reliable. A fantastic bar that comes highly recommended & will ensure you get a quality final product.

Pairs of UK pine 38mm gallery stretcher bars are ideal for small runs of canvas frames or if your range of sizes available to your customers is large; pairs mean you don't have to keep large amounts of stock of all sizes but allow you to provide your customer with flexible & versatile sizing options. Buy two pairs to make a frame, wedges are included.

When you purchase the pairs of stretcher bars we will send out 1 Wedge per stretcher bar.

Wedges are also available to purchase separately.

*Please note that items over the length of 112cm/44" can be shipped to UK Mainland only. Please contact us for information on having oversized items shipped outside of UK Mainland.

Pairs of stretcher bars have temporarily been disabled whilst we are in the process of moving warehouses. The pairs will be back available in approximately 6 weeks.

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