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UK Pine 38mm Gallery Cross Bars

Cross bars for 38mm UK pine canvas frames are available in three profiles: A, B & C. Use profile C cross bars if you only need one cross bar to brace a frame , or multiple straight cross bars if you have a particularly long from, e.g., for a panoramic image. Profile A & B bars are interlocking bars; if you would like a crossed pair of cross braces simple order one profile A cross bar & one profile B cross bar.

UK pine 38mm gallery cross bars sit on the back of your frame & then need to be secured in place with either a small screw or a few staples; this is why a crossed pair will need to be an A & a B bar, so the bars are able to slot together & sit on the back of the UK pine 38mm gallery frame, which has a lip for the cross bars to sit on. If you want to make a 30" x 40" canvas frame with cross bars simply order a 30" profile A bar & a 40" B bar (it doesn't matter which dimension is the A or B profile as long as ther is one of each).

All cross bars are the same product which have been manufactured to fit a frame size & profile.

*Please note that items over the length of 112cm/44" can be shipped to UK Mainland only. Please contact us for information on having oversized items shipped outside of UK Mainland.