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UK Pine 18mm Standard Cross Bars

Cross bars for 18mm UK pine canvas frames are available in two profiles: Straight & Interlocking. Use straight cross bars if you only need one cross bar to brace a frame. If you would like a crossed pair of braces simple order one Interlocking cross bar in one of the required dimensions & one Interlocking cross bar in the other, e.g. A 50” x 60” frame would require one 50” Interlocking cross bar & one 60” Interlocking cross bar.

UK pine 18mm Standard cross bars slot into the back of your frame. All cross bars are the same product which have been manufactured to fit a frame size & profile.

Please note only Bars 36" and over are slotted for cross bars.

*Please note that items over the length of 112cm/44" can be shipped to UK Mainland only. Please contact us for information on having oversized items shipped outside of UK Mainland.